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The concept of stage and costume design , is in my mind, primarily a visual interpretation of  drama, music, time and place of occurrences and is the result of a dialogue between the director, the stage designer, the costume designer, the lighting designer and occasionally also  the sound man and the choreographer.


What interests me personally in designing set or costumes for stage, is not constructing a visual world which is a  realistic imitation of the time and place of the play or the opera, or the music that was written, but the creation of a stage and costumes world which is a dramatic visual experience consisting of shape, light, color and the movement of the actors on the stage. An experience which is not necessarily subject to the time and place of the occurrences.

Thus, my style of  design, both of sets and costumes, consists and is influenced by a plethora of visual images , modern and classical which derive from the worlds  of painting, sculpture,  architecture, fashion, cinema, TV circus ect.


In choosing the materials, I blend everything and I am fond of combining expensive natural materials with cheap synthetic ones.


My work is very intuitive and is hardly ever conditioned by laws of what is and not ”right”.

Although I always begin by reading the text and listening to the music, I don’t always begin with preparatory sketch of an idea and occasionally, the particular fabric, or image, determine the entire direction of a specific production.

My works are characterized by an attempt to form a synthesis between past and present, new and old, modern and classical when my aim is to relate the result to the esthetics of our times.


Buki Shiff was born in Tel –Aviv ,Israel, studied stage and costume design at the Tel-Aviv University.


She works as stage and costume designer in theatre, film, television, opera and ballet, throughout Israel, Europe and the USA.


She collaborated with the international directors: 

David Alden ,Richard Jones ,Robert Carsen, Harry Kupfer, Barrie Kosky, Christian Spuch, Jean-Luis Grinda, Yohanes Shaff and Christopher Alden.


At the theatre and opera houses  :

Royal Operahouse London, English National Opera London, Zurich Opera House, Staatsoper Berlin,  Komische Oper Berlin,  Deutche Oper Berlin, Opera Wallonie, Opera Madrid, Opera Barcelona, Volks Opera Vienna, Bavarian State Opera Munich, Israeli Opera, La Scala Milao, Opera Tokyo, Welsh National Opera Cardiff, Opera Kolon, Opera Chatelet Paris, Opera National De Paris, Opera San Fransisco, Opera Monte Carlo, Oslo Opera House, Volks Opera Vienna.

In Israel, Buki Shiff Worked At The Theatres:

Habima, HaCameri, Haifa Theater, Bet Lesin, Zavta Theater, Be'er-Sheva Theater, Orna Porat Theater and The New Israeli Opera.


She Worked With The Israeli Directors:

Hanoch Levin, Hanan Snir, Micha Levinson, Ilan Ronen, Uri Paster, Nisim Aloni and Israel Gurion.


  • Best Costume Designer Of The Year 2013 At The International Opera Awards –London

  • Best Stage Designer Of The Year 2006 At The Israeli Theatre Awards

  • Best Artist Of The Year 2008  At The Rosenblum Prize – Tel Aviv


   Productions Awards:

  • Cavalleria And Pagliacci – The Israeli Theatre Award 1998

  • The Coronation Of Poppea - The Evening Standard Award 1999

  • Wozzeck - The TMA Award 2005

  • The Miestersinger – South Bank Sky Award 2011

  • The Meistersinger – The Tma Award 2010

  • Candide - Frenchcritics Prize 2007

  • Semiramide - Olivier Award 2018, London


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